'Noepe' is the Native Wampanoag name for the island now called Martha's Vineyard. 

Building off the fundamentals of the island and designing a lifestyle with love for wandering the coastline, time to reflect, feeling gratitude, being present, enjoying your own beautiful life; it is ‘Noepe Design’.

The island has inspired a large collection of hand drawn illustrations that are designed into textile repeats. I send away my illustrations to be printed on fabrics in the US. The printed fabric is cut into pattern pieces. Leather and waxed is cut for straps and reinforcement for bags. Noepe Design consists of a handbag collection and home goods.  All the pieces are designed and constructed on Martha's Vineyard Island by myself, Kate June Zelenka. 

    a little about my background

My journey to Martha’s Vineyard started when I was working on my BFA from Rhode Island School of Design.

I was accepted into an honors program in Italy.  I spent time volunteering in the gardens in American Academy in Rome. A fellow volunteer was from Martha’s Vineyard, and shared stories of the beauty of this north east island.

After graduation, I was looking for nature inspiration and strong community. I took a job on the island maintaining vegetable gardens at a community teaching farm.

With the continued inspiration from coastal nature and a design background, I combined my two loves to create Noepe Design.

xo, kate