Bags / Pillows :  

  • Are available for Pre-Order for the month of September 2020. Bags and Pillows orders will be sewn up in October and November, then shipped out the 1st week of December 2020. 

      Bracelets / Key Fabs 

  • Order now until Dec 31st 2020. Bracelet and Key Fabs Orders will ship out in 5-7 business days. 

     -US Shipping prices 

  • 0.001lb–0.254lb 2.00
  • 0.256lb–0.505lb  4.00
  • 0.997lb–5.005lb 8.00
  • 4.996lb–20.005lb 18.00

     -International Shipping 28.00 



  •  Made to order bags and pillows can not be returned. Key Fabs and Bracelets can be returned for full refund less shipping charges within 30 days of postal delivery. If there is a problem with a new bag/pillow, please email to obtain information on how to return item for repair, timeline, and refunding additional shipping cost. 


Mailing address

Noepe Design

C/O Kate June Zelenka

Post Office Box 1242
West Tisbury MA